Purpleheart Flooring Installation Guide

Step 2: Subfloor

The subfloor provides a sturdy surface for your purpleheart flooring to rest on. This guide uses a plywood subfloor.

First, remove any existing floor coverings, and make sure the subfloor is clean. Remove all dust, oil, dirt, grease, wax, sealers, paint, adhesives, etc.

Next, make sure the subfloor is dry. For plywood subfloors, you should aim for a moisture content of 6-10%. Moist subfloors can cause cupping, twisting, and many other problems. Moisture is the number one cause of problems in wood flooring, so make sure this step is done properly. A dehumidifier can help.

Make sure the subfloor is stable. This means the plywood should be securely glued and nailed to floor joists on 16" centers. If the plywood is less than 3/4" thick, or it is a wood product other than plywood, add a second cross layer for strength. This second layer should not be less than 5/16" thick. Using ring shank nails, coated nails, or coated staples every 6" will prevent squeaking. Remember, any extra layers of plywood should be both glued and screwed down.

Finally, the plywood subfloor should be covered with a layer of felt roofing paper or Red Rosin Paper prior to nailing flooring down.

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